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Unread 05-05-2008, 03:30 PM
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Question Poker Acronyms

If you are new to poker or poker forums, you may get confused with all the Poker Acronyms. It's true, poker does seem to have it's own type of language, and it can take a little bit of time to get used to it. Here is a list of frequently used acronyms (FUA), if you have any questions about poker acronyms please post them in this thread.

These FUA will be updated as time goes by.

  • BB- Big blind, can be used as a position or a bet; big bet
  • SB- Small blind, can be used as a position or a bet; small bet
  • UTG- Under the gun
  • EP- Early position
  • MP- Middle position
  • LP- Late position
  • CO- Cutoff
  • OTB- On the Button
Betting actions
  • CR- Check/raise
  • CRAI- Check/raise All-in
  • CF- Check/fold
  • CC- Check/call
  • CB- Continuation Bet

  • L-Limit
  • SL- Spread Limit
  • NL- No-Limit
  • PL- Pot-Limit
  • ML- Micro (.01/.01- .50/1 limit; .01/.01-.10/.25 NL/PL)
  • SS or LL- Small Stakes or Low Limit(1/2-6/12 limit; $50-$100 NL/PL)
  • MS- Mid-Stakes (10/20-30/60 limit; $200-$1000)
  • HS- Hi-Stakes (40/80+ limit; $2k+ NL/PL)
  • SnG, STT- Sit n' Go (Single-Three Table Tournament)
  • MTT- Multi-table Tournament

  • HE- Hold 'em
  • O- Omaha
  • 7S- 7 Stud
  • 8 as suffix or HL- Eight or Beter Hi/Lo Split Pot Game

  • AK(Q)(J)(T) Ace-king(queen)(jack)(ten)
  • AXS-Ace & another card (suited)
  • Axo-Ace & anotehr card (offsuit)
  • ds- Double suited
  • ss- Single Suited

  • TP- Top Pair
  • MP- Middle Pair
  • BP- Bottom Pair
all often followed by
  • TK- Top Kicker
  • K- Good Kicker
  • WK- Weak Kicker
ie TPTK- Top Pair Top Kicker

  • SD- Straight Draw
  • SF- Straight Flush or Straight/Flush
  • SFD- Straight Flush Draw
  • ISD, GSD, or Gutshot- Inside Straight Draw
  • OESD- Open Ended Straight Draw
  • OESFD- Open Ended Straight Flush Draw
  • FH- Full House
  • RF- Royal Flush
Playing Styles
  • S- Semi
  • T- Tight
  • L- Loose
  • P- Passive
  • WK- Weak (Passive)
  • A or AG- Aggressive
ie TPA-Tight Passive-Aggressive
Poker Sites
  • AP- Absolute Poker
  • CnR- Check n' Raise Poker
  • DR- Doyle's Room
  • EP- Empire Poker
  • FTP- Full Tilt Poker
  • PC- Poker Champs
  • PM- Poker Mountain
  • PP- Party Poker
  • PR- Poker Room
  • PS- Poker Stars
  • PPP - Paddy Power Poker
  • PKR - PKR Poker
  • UB- Ultimate Bet

  • BTMF- Bust the Motherfucker.
  • BR- Bankroll
  • BTW- By the way
  • CP- Card Player Magazine
  • CR- C
  • HU- Heads-up
  • +(-)EV- Positive(Negative) expected value
  • FYP- Fixed Your PostIPF - Irish Poker forum (us)
  • PT- Poker Tracker
  • IMHO- In my humble opinion
  • WSOP- World Series of Poker
  • WPT- World Poker Tour
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Unread 05-16-2008, 09:27 AM
abilash abilash is offline
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thanks for the details i love it
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Unread 05-30-2009, 01:58 AM
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Great ones. I am looking forward for new updates..

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Unread 11-02-2009, 08:35 AM
paulnino paulnino is offline
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Your right it is another language. Cool....
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